Business Of Customer Education

in partnership with Gainsight's Pulse Conference

Customer education is a critical part of customer experience. This truth is amplified in the worlds of software, technology and subscription businesses. Good customer education programs reduce churn, increase adoption and grow revenue.

And yet customer education is often overlooked, under-funded and ignored.

The Business of Customer Education conference set out in 2015 to change that. To shine light on training and services departments, to share ideas, inspire action and create a community of professionals to help elevate customer education to new heights.

Why Attend BOCE?

The Business of Customer Education isn't just a networking event - it's a full-day deep-dive into the world of customer training. The conference is outcomes-driven - you will walk away with action items and specific ideas to leverage customer education in new and profound ways.

Partnering with the Pulse Customer Success conference was a logical next in the evolution of BOCE. Training, learning and customer education are inseparable from customer success. ServiceRocket is excited to present a third year of the conference, bigger and more impactful than ever before.

Who's Speaking?

Rob Castaneda

Founder and CEO

Monica Adractas

Director, Workplace by Facebook Americas

Sherry Quinn

Training Director

Peter Childers

VP of Learning and Strategic Development

Sarah Sproehnle

VP of Customer Success

Richard Huie-Buckius

Head of Training & Certification

Jesse Miller

Product Manager

Bill Cushard

Software Adoption Evangelist

What happened at BOCE 2016?



May 10th, 2017
A full-day track within Gainsight's Pulse Customer Success Conference.
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Do I need a ticket to Pulse to attend?

Training is one part of the larger ecosystem of Customer Success. Pulse is an excellent venue for learning techniques & ideas across the entire space.

Every Pulse Conference ticket includes full access to BOCE 2017.

When will I know the full content of the conference?

The BOCE 2017 agenda will be made publicly available by April 2017.

How do I connect before the conference?

Please reach out to with BOCE-related inquiries, comments or suggestions.