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It was and is about growth

At the beginning of Rob's career, when he was a teenager, he was given an opportunity to work on the help desk at Borland. You can imagine that as a teenager, Rob was probably a bit less than ready. He studied up and learned fast.

The next challenge was delivering training to customers. "Rob, we have a customer in Silicon Valley that wants training next week. Can you be there." Rob jumped on a plane and was there on Monday. He had never taught the course. Rob was not ready to teach a five day course. He studied up and learned fast.

The next challenge was starting ServiceRocket (then called Customware) in Sydney in 2001. Teaching one software course. Rob was not ready to start and run his own company. He studied up and learned fast.

In each of these moments, ready or not, Rob was guided by a desire to help people understand the technology they were using. People use technology to do their jobs successfully. It's motivating to help people do that.

"When I look back at my career, there were moments when I started something new, and I was not ready. In every case, those moments were the beginning of a growth spurt in my career," says Rob. "Now that I am in a position to do it, I want to create moments like that for others. Creating an environment in which Rocketeers can grow drives me every day."


It's not so much that we are values-driven. We just believe our values bring us together.
Delight the Customer
When we think about delighting the customer it is not so much about satisfaction or happiness or even delight. It’s more about being helpful. This could mean helpful selling, helpful support, even being helpful after someone stops being a customer. If we help customers achieve the outcome they are after, we will get the outcome we are after.
Think Team
Silos are not our bag. We volunteer to help each other when needed. Our attitude is, “I’ll help with that.” If people feel like they have support, and can get help when they need it, people can relax a little and focus more energy on doing great work and less on worrying about whether they can do great work. If we do that, we’ve done a good job.
Build Process to Drive Outcomes
We cannot control outcomes. We can control process. This doesn’t make us control freaks. It means we focus on doing the right things, in the right way, and let the outcome unfold as it will. Of course we want to achieve great things. We set high goals. But we are not governed by the goals. We are governed by the way we strive to achieve those goals. If we follow our process and do not achieve a goal. We are OK with that. We celebrate that.
Talk Straight
Talking straight means we feel safe enough to speak candidly and openly. When we talk straight it means we focus on the machine not the person. Blame is not in our vocabulary. Seeking straight answers to open questions is how we learn, improve, and solve problems. It’s how we grow.
Share the Knowledge
We share things. We share books we read, podcasts we listen to, positive and negative feedback from customers, and what works and doesn’t work in our work processes. When we discover insights from data, we share that. Sharing could be a company-wide live video which anyone can run or a simple team update. We cannot all be everywhere or know everything. But we can share what we learn, as we learn it, with everyone.

2000 active customers. 260 Rocketeers.
10 people on the leadership team.
18 nationalities. 6 offices.
3 leaders on the board.

1 global culture.

2000 active customers.
260 Rocketeers.
10 people on the Leadership Team.
18 nationalities.
6 offices.
3 leaders on the Board.

1 global culture.

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