United Nations (UNECE)

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United Nations (UNECE)

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe’s (UNECE) aim is to promote pan-European economic integration. It brings together 56 countries located in the European Union, non-EU Western and Eastern Europe, South-East Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and North America.

Primary Technology:


United Nations (UNECE)


ServiceRocket Add-ons

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe makes use of ServiceRocket plugins for Confluence, in particular the Reporting, Scaffolding and Visibility plugins. These are used in combination to produce several wiki spaces based on the use of templates, which enables users to easily add information in a standardised format to produce pages with uniform appearance and harmonised content.

The Challenge: Confluence Templates Made Easy

“Only a small proportion of the staff of our division (and the external experts with whom we collaborate) are particularly familiar with the inner-workings of Atlassian Confluence. We therefore needed to develop templates with clear instructions and user-friendly interfaces that did not involve anything more complicated than entering information into empty fields. For us, the simpler the better”, said Steven Vale, Statistical Division, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

The Atlassian Solution

“The answer to our problems came in the form of numerous macros from the Scaffolding plugin to create fillable forms. We combined these with the ‘show-if’ and ‘hide-if’ macros from the Visibility plugin to show detailed explanations and prompts to the individual who is editing the content. These prompts are not visible to external users or to the public in general once the page has been created. Macros from the Reporting plugin are also included to enable automatic filling of fields such as who last edited a page and when, and to create summary lists of particular groups of pages such as those with certain labels.”

Result: A Transformed, Functional Wiki

“These products have enabled us to develop spaces including a ‘library of statistical training materials’. Here subject-matter experts within our division enter details of training materials. These details appear to the public in a sortable, searchable format much like a library catalogue. Included is a repository of case studies for data collection in statistical offices (staff of those offices follow instructions to add information that is transformed into a multi-page case study following a uniform structure) and the very popular Database of International Statistical Activities (DISA), in which macros from the Reporting plugin enable labelled content to function as a pseudo-database. DISA was formerly made available to the public in the form of an Access database. ServiceRocket plugins with Confluence have facilitated much quicker editing and maintenance of our content and resulted in increased numbers of page views.”

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The Voice of the Customer

Author Steven Vale, Statistical Division, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

“ServiceRocket plugins within Confluence have facilitated much quicker editing and maintenance of our content and have resulted in an increased number of page views.”

For more information on ServiceRocket’s offerings, please visit the Atlassian Solutions page.