Scale Continuous Testing to Accelerate Release Cycles Continuous Testing enables enterprises to increase release velocity while providing their customers with satisfying, error-free experiences across all devices and browsers. The platform seamlessly integrates with best-in-class tools.
SaaS solution

Access available real devices and browsers directly from your browser, or set up a private dedicated lab for your team.

On-premise solution

Keep all your digital devices in a centralized onsite location and allow your team to remotely access them from anywhere at any time.

Digital assurance lab management

Manage your testing projects by granting remote access to teams, monitoring test execution progress, and sharing usage reports.

Test development

Intuitively develop new Appium tests or execute existing projects using Appium Studio.

Large-scale test execution

The Continuous Testing Grid lets you execute a massive number of tests in parallel on multiple browsers and mobile devices — all from one platform.

Integrations and frameworks

Run automated tests and projects developed in any IDE, and using any testing framework. Integrate with any CI environment.

Open source compatibility

Continue using your favorite open source tools and enjoy enterprise-grade security, scalability, and visibility.


Gain end-to-end quality insights and drive improvements with Test Analytics.

Developer tools

Develop, automate, analyze, and debug mobile tests right in your IDE, on remote physical devices.

Latest downloads

Download all of the latest versions of Continuous Testing’s product line here. Make sure to check back frequently for updates.

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Performance Monitoring

Implemented as part of your CI pipeline, Performance Monitoring helps you understand your website and web application response from client to server to UI render. Use performance monitoring to analyze performance by simulating different servers, measuring transaction duration, and speed index.

Advanced Test Analytics

For instant visibility and insights into your release quality status, Test Analytics gives you a complete consolidated view of your test execution results. Gain instant visibility, quickly identify faults, and perform root cause analysis. Use the customized dashboards and detailed shareable reports to improve test automation quality and ensure script stability. Accessibility Testing Continuous Testing gives enterprises the unique ability to deliver accessible website and application experiences for people with disabilities. The new Accessibility Testing Cloud enables you to test web and mobile applications on +1,000 real browsers and devices in the cloud with VoiceOver and TalkBack support. Listen to any VoiceOver reading with a headset and simulate gestures (such as double tap) using your keyboard. To further expand your accessibility testing, integrate with Appium tests for large-scale automation. Continuous Testing’s accessibility offering is compliant with all international standards like WCAG, OCR, DOJ, and CVAA.

Manual mobile app testing
Test the new functionality of your mobile application manually with full device control on physical mobile devices remotely accessed in real time from your browser.
Automated mobile testing
Easily create and run large-scale Appium tests across +1,000 real iOS and Android devices, emulators, and simulators hosted in Continuous Testing's global data centers.
Live cross-browser testing
Test your sites and web applications remotely, across real desktop browsers of any type and version with secure manual interactions. Test UI responsiveness and debug with any browser dev tool.
Automated cross-browser testing
Perform large-scale parallel test execution across thousands of combinations of desktop and browser versions and OSs on our hosted Selenium Grid.
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