Are your financial tools helping or hindering your company's ability to scale?

Inventory tracking issues. Limited visibility and control over spend. Inaccurate financial data delaying month end close. These are just a few telltale signs that your finance tech stack isn’t meeting your business growth goals.

In this event, we’ll explore:

En este evento, indagaremos en:

Top signs your company is outgrowing its financial tools

The negative impact on your business

How financial tools like NetSuite and Rho can help solve these challenges

1:00 pm
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Join us to learn how to scale efficiently with the right financial tools

The right systems can transform your business. They streamline and automate processes, improve efficiency and provide better management and visibility into the overall performance of the business. This is essential for fast-growing companies to effectively scale and thrive.

Tammy Been is an experienced financial business leader with a strong background in sales, accounting, operations, and ownership. With 10+ years in the payments industry specializing in sales, business development and communication and 15+ years in recruiting and staffing, specializing in accounting and finance, she has held leadership roles as the Director of Business Development at American Express, Owner/President at AcctKnowledge Financial Staffing. Currently, she serves as the Director of Sales Enablement at Rho.
Tammy Been
Director, Sales Enablement at Rho
Joy Mbanugo has more than 19 years of experience in finance, including audit, tax, business operations, financial services, capital markets and treasury. She has worked for Ernst and Young, Blackrock and Google, where she provided executives and business leaders with clear insights into drivers of business performance and advised them on how to go public. Additionally, Joy has experience consulting in the startup sector through her work with a non-profit called, which helps underserved founders structure their startups. Currently, she is serving as the CFO at ServiceRocket.
Joy Mbanugo
Chief Financial Officer, ServiceRocket
A customer focused marketing and sales pro whose passion for entrepreneurism has led him to work for 2 startups and earn his MBA. With 10+ years of building GTM strategies and uncovering customer needs, he loves growing the Workplace business.
Samuel Miller
Product Marketing Manager, ServiceRocket
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