Beyond Migration: Consolidating Your Atlassian Licenses Into a Single Cloud Instance

Most enterprises have at least a few Jira and Confluence instances across the organization. With teams operating on separate platforms on varying deployment types, administration, governance, user tracking, and cost efficiency become overly complex.

In this event, we’ll explore:

En este evento, indagaremos en:

The benefits of migrating and consolidating into a single Atlassian Cloud instance

The different consolidation strategies and tools available

Things to consider before migrating and the benefits of working with a Solution Partner

9:00 am
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Atlassian Cloud is more powerful and capable than ever before.

Thanks to the steady drumbeat of enhancements to Cloud products over the past few years, each edition is helping users scale to new levels. Improved performance and security, powerful integrations to both Atlassian and 3rd party offerings, ease of use around search and reporting, amongst other improvements, power organizations of all sizes to deliver value faster.

"I entered the Atlassian eco-system in 2014 and have enjoyed every minute! I am a Customer Success Manager here at ServiceRocket and focus on delivering top-notch service to our customers. When I am not working, you can find me: traveling, cooking, hiking, exploring, and gardening."
Danielle Kirkeby
Customer Success Manager at ServiceRocket
I love being able to help our customers get the best of Atlassian Stack, and have done so since 2013 through technical support, solutions and professional services. When I am not at work, I cherish spending time on family activities and exploring the sights and walks of our new town and its environs.
Taiwo Akindele
Solution Architecture Sr. Consultant at ServiceRocket
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