Beyond the Tools: Investing in Collaboration that Actually Works

Collaboration is essential for all hybrid businesses, yet companies rarely assess their infrastructure and invest in training to improve. When prioritized, this can drive efficiency, productivity, and employee engagement.

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

What a solid framework for a collaboration infrastructure looks like

Common challenges and misconceptions regarding business collaboration

Collaboration tools that will help your organization thrive in the future of work

July 26, 2022
10:00 am
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Beyond the Tools: Investing in Collaboration that Actually Works

Investing in the right tools for your business is the first step in creating your collaboration infrastructure. Unfortunately, this is also where leadership tends to stop investing leading to a lack of software adoption, low on-going engagement, and regression back to old inefficient work practices. Think about it. If you can eat, drink, and move, does that make you physically fit? Or because you can read, write, and speak - does that make you an effective communicator? Just as individuals enlist the help of nutritionists, trainers, and physical therapists to retrain the way they engage with diet and exercise, training and coaching to meet any goal is essential. To drive the highest return on investment (ROI), it is imperative to train leaders on best practices, value driving use cases, and strategies to establish and reinforce new workflow norms. This will empower employees to successfully manage their hybrid work environment and workload.

Alexa is a playful and practical communication and collaboration skills consultant, with a Masters in Professional Communications and 10+ year career in sales, customer success, and product marketing for startups and small businesses in the U.S. and Europe. Her motivation is to help people and teams unlock their potential to connect better with colleagues and customers, which she does through tailored programs that combine advisory services, interactive workshops, and on-the-job coaching.
Alexa Lightner
Consultant & Founder, Lightner Insights
A customer focused marketing and sales pro whose passion for entrepreneurism has led him to work for 2 startups and earn his MBA. With 10+ years of building GTM strategies and uncovering customer needs, he loves growing the Workplace business.
Samuel Miller
Product Marketing Manager, ServiceRocket
Rodrigo has been a Rocketeer for a little over 9 years, passionate about building teams, marketing and creativity. As part of ServiceRocket, Rodrigo led and grew our operations in Santiago, Chile and has been a key contributor in different roles of our Marketing team.
Rodrigo Luna
Head of Culture & Experience, ServiceRocket
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