Scale with the right technology and increase productivity with tech-enabled support services

When your tech-enabled support services are backed by AI, you get the best of both worlds. Build smoother workflows that minimize friction and transform operations with data and automation. Customer experience and efficiency can go hand-in-hand.

In this event, we’ll explore:

En este evento, indagaremos en:

Difference between tech-enabled support and tech support

AI’s contribution to a better Cx

Day-to-day impact of going from reactive - proactive - preventive

10:00 am
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Reduce service delivery stress with operational efficiency

When customers encounter a roadblock, providing the right support resources, at the right time, and in the right format so they can keep their business moving, is crucial. Join us as Adam May, Vice President ServiceRocket and Ravi Bulusu, CTO & Co-Founder TheLoops, share their insights on how teams can deliver on this promise.

Adam May is a leader of global support, training and customer success teams across ServiceRocket and Atlassian products. As the Vice President of Managed Services at ServiceRocket, he focuses on driving growth and scalability for B2B SaaS software organizations. Before joining ServiceRocket, he worked for both large companies (Salesforce, Oracle) and small (Clarify, Saba). He is a Stanford alumnus with over 30 years of experience in his field.
Adam May
Vice President, ServiceRocket
Ravi Bulusu is an innovative leader and engineer with extensive expertise in the design and development of distributed computing, real time analytics and high availability products. TheLoops is Ravi’s sixth start-up. His previous roles include CTO and Head of Engineering at Aisera, Chief Architect at Caspida (acquired by Splunk) and Senior Staff Engineer at VMware. Ravi holds numerous patents including “Dual-path distributed architecture for network security analysis” and “Enterprise security graph”. Ravi has been working in real time machine learning for 25+ years.
Ravi Bulusu
CTO & Co-Founder, TheLoops
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