Top Strategies for Managing Teams in a Hybrid Workplace

Frustrated by the complications of leading a hybrid - mix of remote and in-office - team? You’re not alone. Hybrid teams bring a unique set of challenges for managers, especially communication.

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

The 5 top principles for managing hybrid teams

Guidelines for effective team collaboration

Solutions using Workplace from Meta

January 25, 2022
10:00 am
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After, you'll receive a copy of a Workplace from Meta Playbook, called “Empowering Hybrid Teams”

In this webinar, we will explore 5 principles that you can implement with your people managers to give them the tools, resources, and autonomy necessary to get the most out of their hybrid teams.

Bill is the host of Helping Sells Radio and author of The Art of Agile Marketing: A Practical Roadmap for Implementing Kanban and Scrum in Jira and Confluence. He has been instrumental in the adoption of Workplace from Meta at ServiceRocket with his experience helping companies adopt disruptive software through learning, change management, and communications.
Bill Cushard
Executive Director & Global Head of the Future of Work and Customer Education Practices, ServiceRocket
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