Onboarding New Employees in a Remote World

Few things are more important than a first impression, especially when it comes to onboarding new employees remotely. If we accept that remote and hybrid work is here to stay, then we must accept that onboarding new employees remotely is the new way.

In this event, we’ll explore:

Why it is more important than ever to get employee onboarding right

Guidelines for designing effective remote/hybrid employee onboarding

Solutions for using Workplace from Meta in your onboarding process

March 29, 2022
10:00 am
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Sam and her team are leading the creation and implementation of strategies to deliver a unique Rocketeer experience from onboarding to career development and growth, so everyone at ServiceRocket can have an impact on their professional journey, their families and communities. Along with the entire People team, Sam has contributed to making ServiceRocket a truly great place to work, with solid values, a “having your back” culture and a multicultural environment where change is embraced.
Samantha Astorga
Sr. HR Manager
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