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June 4, 2021
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5 More Reasons to Love Linking for Confluence Cloud

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One-click links auto-generate standardized pages, enforce content structure, reduce errors and save time.

As part of our ‘We’ve Got Your Back’ brand promise, we ask customers to tell us what functionality they need in our apps to do their jobs better and with less friction. Then we get to work. Today, we’re happy to announce that five of the most frequently requested features have been added to Linking for Confluence Cloud

Linking for confluence cloud FY21Q4 improvements


Here’s a quick overview to help you better understand how these features work and how your team will benefit by using them. 

The Add Page macro is like a supercharged version of Confluence’s “Create from template” feature. Rather than asking your users to manually create pages from a template, you can use the Add Page macro to insert one-click links which auto-generate a page based on a specific template (a standard Confluence template or your own template).

Better yet, with the Add Page macro you can also specify a prefix or postfix for the page title, specify its location in the space, and add labels.

5 More Reasons to Love Linking for Confluence Cloud 1st

Now your team can produce standardized pages, saving time and reducing errors, especially if your server has a long list of templates or a lot of similarly-named templates. If you’re interested in recreating the example above, check out this recipe. 

The Add Page via Form macro allows your teams to create pages with a certain title format and a specific template. For example, there may be a workflow where all new pages must have a title which starts with "Report-" followed by a six-digit case number, e.g. Report-333777. By using Add Page via Form, you can create an input field where users simply enter a case number and a page will be auto-generated with the proper title, using the correct template, and placed in the proper location. 

5 More Reasons to Love Linking for Confluence Cloud 2nd

The Incoming Links macro generates a list of server pages which link to the current page.  Conversely, the Outgoing Links macro creates a list of pages, websites and email addresses to which the current page links. This can be useful for improving SEO performance.


Both macros now have the ability to display excerpts from linked pages, which are read from those pages’ Excerpt macros. In addition, you can also customize how the links are displayed, with a choice of bullet-style, page icons, or a plain list.

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Enable one-click links to access Confluence templates, aggregate resources, and create structured content.

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