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December 20, 2021
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Create Sophisticated, Scalable Micro-Systems on Top of Confluence

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Maintaining Confluence Content Structure Is Hard

Confluence brings teams together, whether it is documenting ITSM articles or collaborating on new product discovery. As formidable and extensive as Confluence is, it doesn't provide a scalable way to create content guidelines and processes. For collaborative, process-driven teams this is especially problematic. As more people collaborate on the wiki pages, the harder it is to maintain a clear structure across pages and spaces. When content structures aren’t well defined and consistent, content owners and managers have more difficulties defining success metrics, tracking processes and, more importantly, progress.

Scaffolding for Confluence Cloud: Solving Confluence Content Structure One Template at a Time

At ServiceRocket, Scaffolding is at the core of all content creation and collaboration. We have created hundreds of pages, guides, processes, documentation, project plans and more. To ensure content quality, we rely on Scaffolding’s reusable structured content creation forms and templates. 

With Scaffolding you can easily add dates, picklists, users and more to pages and elevate the structured way of content creators inputting their information. This not only supports content structure, it also simplifies the experience of creating a document, a guide, or a proposal. In short, Scaffolding’s forms and templates encourage users to create more content that maintains the structure and formats. 

How can content managers measure impact?

Once dozens or even hundreds of pages of content on Confluence have been created using Scaffolding forms, how can we measure and understand the impact of this content? The answer is Reporting for Confluence Cloud. This twin sibling to Scaffolding Forms and Templates for Confluence Cloud allows users to create insightful live reports and dashboards.

Reporting for Confluence Cloud Now Supports Scaffolding Data on Live Reports 

Now you can add Scaffolding Report Block on your reports, allowing you to build extensive dashboards for project tracking, planning,  documentation progress and more.

This powerful app duo is the backbone of any successful wiki structure for collaborating teams. The versatility of Scaffolding data combined with the extensible format of Live Reports ensures that any standardized content created can easily be transformed into actionable insights. Easily create sophisticated micro-systems on top of your Confluence that smoothly scales as your team and Wiki grow.

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