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February 26, 2021
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Integrate Salesforce & Jira to Automate your Marketing and Sales Development Workflows

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Streamlined, cross-functional workflows enable marketing and sales teams to work together. Seamlessly.

Long-term sales stability is about more than just a terrific product or service to sell; it requires meeting, and exceeding, customer needs and expectations.  That’s why successful organizations are building their sales and marketing strategies around customer behavior insights. 

consumers expect companies to understand their needs

When marketing and sales teams share customer data and insights, they get a 360° view of the customer, collaborate more effectively, share a common purpose and strategic direction, and deliver better customer experiences at every touchpoint.

Salesforce, with an estimated 3 million subscribers, has become the go-to platform for sales teams needing customer relationship management. Agile marketing teams have turned to Atlassian’s Jira, with 180,000 subscribers, to manage and execute projects.  

Connector Salesforce Jira

Unfortunately, in many organizations, these two teams and platforms operate in data silos or have complex, time-consuming workflows to view and access information in the other platform. Marketing teams lose out on valuable customer data and insights collected in Salesforce and struggle to nurture leads. Sales teams often have to manually qualify marketing leads, and  lack an efficient way to collaborate on or view marketing campaigns.

only 28pc of marketers are satisfied

Here are just a few ways integrating sales and marketing teams - and the platforms they work in -  around shared customer insights enables them to exceed customer expectations.

Benefits of Creating a Unified View of Customers

  1. Create a transparent data funnel
  2. Provide a 360° view of every customer
  3. Track leads in the pipeline
  4. Track customer interactions
  5. Streamline customer communication touch points 
  6. Use customer data to personalize messages
  7. Collaborate on and track marketing campaigns 
marketing team CSFJ

Benefits of Integrating Platforms and Teams

Using Connector for Salesforce & Jira, you can create a consolidated, streamlined approach to communication, planning and execution that automates manual tasks and minimizes unproductive context switching.  Easily create fully automated, bi-directional integration between the two platforms.

Integration creates business efficiencies:



CSFJ Mkt blog workflow (1)

 In this example, Marguerite, Sales Manager at Allied, works with the marketing team to craft and prepare everything from sales presentations to trade shows to customer communications.  She has been working with the marketing team (who use Jira to track their marketing campaigns and collateral) to put together an outbound email to customers who attended Allied’s annual conference . 

Marguerite creates a Salesforce campaign and, with the help of Connector for Salesforce & Jira, an Epic is created in Jira (linking to the Salesforce campaign) and assigned to Kevin, marketing’s Event coordinator. Marguerite creates Tasks in Salesforce which automatically generate counterpart issue task in Jira. 

Now Kevin and his team will work on the task and track them using Agile methodology. When it’s ready for review by Marguerite, Kevin pushes it to Salesforce and Marguerite can provide feedback.  This collaboration is automated and doesn’t require either team to leave their native platform. With full automation between fields, comments, and even status of the tasks, the approved email ready can be ready to send to customers in a matter of hours rather than weeks.


For more information about how to create this use case, visit our docs site. To learn more about Connector for Salesforce & Jira, check out our blog "Integrate Salesforce & Jira. Seamlessly and effectively." on our product page. If you're interested in a demo or discussing your specific use case, reach out to our customer advocate

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Streamline Salesforce and Jira workflows and integration, reduce complexity and align teams around a single source of truth.

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