Ep. 8 | Ryan Battles, Author: Using Periscope for Business

Recorded on March 21st, 2016

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Show Notes

Sarah and Bill started off the show talking about a recent a16z Podcast with the CEO of Optimizely, which reminded Sarah and Bill of the interview in Episode 4 with Adam Avremescu, the Head of Education from Optimizely. The a16z Podcast is a great podcast if you are into following distruptive technology and startups. 

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About Our Guest - Ryan Battles

In this episode, we talked with Ryan Battles who is the co-founder of Harpoon, a financial goal-setting, time-tracking, and invoicing app for freelancers and consultants. Ryan is also author of two books and we talked to him about both of his books:

Ryan Battles Author Using Periscope for Business on Helping Sells Radio - ServiceRocket Media

How Businesses Use Periscope

Episode Sponsor - SkillStore 

We are excited to have this episode sponsored bySkillStore. It’s a cool new social-learning app. The team behind it is on a mission to transform how we do soft skills training – you know, things like leadership development, communications and management training. Most organizations need a solution for developing talent.

Mainly because current approaches don’t work. Instructor-led workshops are expensive and time-consuming. And web-based training largely puts most people to sleep – and don’t help much with soft skills. Bill tried these guys out (he actually took one of the modules on change management). What’s cool is how SkillStore helps you learn by doing, using live video practice and feedback from your peers in your organization. We thought our audience would love to hear about this because they just recently launched publicly (after working with some leading companies like Western Union and SAP), and are offering popular modules from its app “free forever” to anyone who signs up by March 31.

So check them out at www.skillstore.com and go sign up before March 31.

How SaaS Marketing Fits into the Concept of Helping Sells

We talked about several techniques and ideas:

SaaS Marketing Predictions

We asked Ryan about his predictions for SaaS Marketing in the context of Helping Sells. 

How can Freelancers Use a Helping Sells Approach

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Bill Cushard and Sarah E. Brown

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