TrustedAdvisor Atlassian Optimization Q&A

1. What is TrustedAdvisor?

TrustedAdvisor is an application health and utilization subscription for Jira and Confluence that tracks key performance metrics. It allows companies to reduce operational risk and improve application productivity by:

  1. Monitoring Application health and utilization
  2. Identifying issues, risks and solutions
  3. Delivering greater data visibility and analysis
  4. Simplifying security and license management
  5. Comparing baseline performance to benchmarks, best practices and business goals

TrustedAdvisor allows system administrators and managers responsible for the utilization of Jira and Confluence to monitor usage, tune productivity and make informed decisions.

2. What does a TrustedAdvisor subscription deliver?

TrustedAdvisor tracks system health and utilization to deliver:

  1. An annual baseline report
    Establishes operational and application utilization norms, identifies key performance indicators (KPIs) and documents system health
  2. A prescriptive roadmap
    Identifies areas of concern/opportunity, possible optimizations, and recommendations that align system metrics with business goals and strategy.
  3. Quarterly reviews
    Every three months, TrustedAdvisor delivers updated data on the KPI’s identified in the baseline report. This data provides the health and usage information needed to identify trends, issues and opportunities. TrustedAdvisor scores the data based on established best practices, benchmark data and the goals set in the prescriptive roadmap.
  4. Security and license concierge
    The TrustedAdvisor concierge services enable better license and security advisory management. Security advisories that impact a TrustedAdvisor managed environment are flagged with explanations of how the alert might impact the environment and possible next steps are suggested. TrustedAdvisor reduces the complexity of license management by allowing for the alignment of all Atlassian related renewals, upgrades and add-ons in a single annual invoice that reflects business needs, optimizes resources and is configured to deliver the lowest price.

3. Why select a TrustedAdvisor subscription?

TrustedAdvisor delivers two core benefits:

  1. Reduces the cost, complexity and risk using Jira and Confluence in support of strategic business functions by delivering timely information and insight
  2. Provides timely intelligence needed to make critical business decisions

4. How do I benefit from a TrustedAdvisor subscription?

TrustedAdvisor addresses operational and utilization issues in the following ways:

  • Operations
  • Identifies the causes of operational issues (Performance, availability/crashes, etc.)
  • Identifies potential issues and their solutions before they negatively impact operations
  • Defines a prescriptive roadmap that aligns with business goals and initiatives (Based on business goals and expectations: Manage/schedule renewals, upgrades, integrations and architectural changes; setting performance and availability targets)
  • Utilitzations
  • Provides the data needed to analyze utilization productivity/throughput (Raw data on issues, stories and workflows)
  • Identifies potential issues by helping to recognize patterns in metrics, scores and benchmarks (Changes in cycle time, backlog, etc.)
  • Avoids potential issues by establishing application performance levels and setting target levels(Set levels for issue, story, workflow cycle time, created/closed, throughput, etc. per week, group, etc. )
  • Allows for the the tuning of performance and throughput by identifying trends, scores and correlations

5. Why would I select a TrustedAdvisor subscription over a traditional application health check?

Because Atlassian systems are very dynamic, some operational and application metrics are best measured over time. Important conditions, trends and correlations are only apparent when the data has perspective. A TrustedAdvisor subscription goes beyond a health check by regularly capturing data and analyzing key performance metrics.

To use an automobile metaphor, how valuable would it be if you only checked your speedometer once? TrustedAdvisor allows you to regularly check your speed, understand if you’re speeding up or slowing down. Through scoring and benchmarking TrustedAdvisor helps you understand how fast you should be going in a given area. TrustedAdvisor subscriptions support the interactive management of Atlassian products.

6. Our teams are very busy. Will TrustedAdvisor interrupt our work flow and negatively impact productivity?

Using a non-intrusive protocol of examination and data analysis, TrustedAdvisor tracks system health and utilization to deliver an annual baseline report and a prescriptive roadmap of optimizations, recommendations and selection of metrics that should be monitored.

In most cases, our analysis can be done remotely with no impact on your organization.  After some initial assistance, we can transparently gather information and review system artifacts. For the most part, data is gathered using automated tools. Minimal human input is required to gather information about business goals and requirements.

7. What type of data does TrustedAdvisor gather?  What key metrics and key performance indicators are monitored by TrustedAdvisor?

TrustedAdvisor identifies, tracks, captures or calculates nearly 80 different system, application or utilization data points and metrics. The following are examples of the raw data that is captured and used as inputs for more complex analysis.  The data includes:

System Data

JVM Metrics

  • Throughput
  • CPU Usage
  • Memory
  • Garbage collection
  • Heap
  • Threads

Database Calls

  • Most expensive operations
  • Response time
  • Throughput

Application External Calls

  • Calls average
  • Most expensive

Application Transaction

  • Response time
  • Most expensive
  • Traces
  • Errors

Application System

  • Java Memory Heap Free, Total, Used
  • Java Memory Perm Gen Free, Total, Used

Application Data

Application Details

  • App Build
  • App Name
  • App URL
  • App Version
  • Database Driver Name
  • Database Driver Version
  • Database Type
  • Jira Plugin Version
  • License Data (Miscellaneous)
  • License Type
  • License Version

Application Utilization

  • Groups Status/Count
  • Issue Status/Count
  • Project Status/Count
  • Workflows Status/Count
  • Attachments Count
  • Custom Fields Count
  • User Count

8. What does ServiceRocket do with the data that TrustedAdvisor gathers?

The data gathered by TrustedAdvisor is used to:

  1. Develop system and usage analytics for your targeted systems and application instances
  2. Provide you with License and Security Concierge services
  3. Provide support context for when you engage ServiceRocket to provide Atlassian application support/administration
  4. Develop system and application benchmarks after it is aggregated and anonymized with ServiceRocket customer data

The data that TrustedAdvisor gathers is never supplied to third parties for the purpose of sales or marketing.

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