Are you getting the most
out of the Atlassian Suite?

How well does your implementation compare with others? TrustedAdvisor enables you to optimize your systems and understand how they measure against industry standards.

More than a just checkup, TrustedAdvisor is a prescription
for long-term system health and optimization.

Systematic Benchmarking

Constant Optimization

Automated Tracking

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TrustedAdvisor enables Atlassian users
to reduce operational risk and uncertainty.

5 days after we gather your information,
TrustedAdvisor provides you with a baseline report that: 

  • Documents the health of your system
  • Delivers immediate and long-term guidance
  • Benchmarks your usage against known standards
  • Provides baseline data to compare against quarterly performance

TrustedAdvisor Benefits

TrustedAdvisor clients know their systems better, understand how they compare to others and can confidently integrate Atlassian into the heart of their business.


Compare your implementation with industry best practices.


Use a prescriptive roadmap to align your system with your goals.


Identify potential hazards before they negatively impact your business.


We're Atlassian’s longest-serving partner. Your success is based on our history.

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Delivering Results For Your Business Objectives

Managers Administering Atlassian

Exceed Service Level Commitments

  • Monitor Performance
  • Security Advisory Management
  • Support and License Concierge

Managers Using Atlassian

Measure and Improve Productivity

  • Examination/Baseline Report
  • Quarterly Health Reviews
  • Prescriptive Road Map
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You can confidently integrate Atlassian into the heart of your business.
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