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Software Training Maturity Assessment

It's Your Turn:
Measure the Maturity of Your Software Training Function

When we wrote the book, Level Up: A Guide to Using the Enterprise Software Training Maturity Model to Build Your Customer Education Business, we simply wanted to share insights we have learned from our customers about how their customer education functions mature over time and provide a tool to help you learn from that progression. We have received such positive feedback from the book, from conference talks, and from webinars, that we needed to go one step further. So, we developed an online assessment to help you diagnose the maturity level of your organization and then provide tips on what actions you can take to move your training function to the next level. The assessment is a companion to the book and will help you apply what you learn in the book. The assessment will only take a few minutes to complete and will help you determine your current state and how you can proceed to get to the next level.