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Add-ons for JIRA and Confluence

Our Commitment to You.

ServiceRocket has been building add-ons and connectors for Atlassian since 2003. Our Confluence and JIRA add-ons include some of the most popular products in the Atlassian marketplace. We've wrapped up some common features and tools that we use in our projects and made them available to the community via our add-ons. Many of our add-ons are freely available and others have been made commercial in order to give our customers a level of support and quality that they require.

JIRA Add-ons

All JIRA Add-ons

Connector for
Salesforce & JIRA

Supercharge Salesforce and JIRA. Create issues in Salesforce, view customer data in JIRA.

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Confluence Add-ons

All Confluence Add-ons

Composition Add-on

Simplify your pages with a series of simple yet effective macros. Save your users from information overload.

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Reporting Add-on

A powerful framework for extracting and presenting information, enabling you to report on Confluence content and content from external sources.

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Scaffolding Add-on

Use form templates to create quick simple applications or to capture and organize form data so that it can be edited and reported on at a later stage.

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Security and Encryption Add-on

Protect sensitive data and information in Confluence with ease. Simple, intuitive and secure encryption.

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Connector for Google Drive and Confluence

Bring together the rich content and sharing capabilities of Google Drive in Confluence to empower your team.

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Connector for Box and Confluence

Bring your Box contents seamlessly to your Confluence pages. Elegantly display folders, files and your Box structure.

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Connector for
Salesforce & Confluence

Supercharge your Confluence with data and reports from Salesforce.

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