"Creating an environment in which Rocketeers can grow drives me every day."
Rob Castaneda, CEO at ServiceRocket.
Rob Castaneda
Founder and CEO
Palo Alto Office

“Wake up, get your shirt on and let’s go”. The car was already warming up, engine chugging and steam filling up the front yard from the exhaust on a frosty morning. I remember the first day I ever worked. My dad would take me to the loading dock at IKEA at 6am on a Saturday so that I could help him wash the truck that he drove. It took me an hour and a half and I got $5. He made up that job for me. It didn’t really exist but it taught me to get up early, work hard and contribute. He even made me wear his old work shirt. On one Saturday it was the weekend of a sale at IKEA, they were short staffed and the warehouse manager needed help, he saw me working and then asked if I could help customers by collecting trolleys and putting the orders on them - I said “sure”. The energy and buzz I got from being in the moment, I would optimize the routes I would walk through the warehouse, the way I would memorize the product article numbers and the feeling that helping people gave, especially when they acknowledge through any sort of compliment. It made me feel alive and connected. But I felt that I really had made it when I could wear the same shirt as my dad, but it was my own, not one of his old ones.

I started my career in technology on the helpdesk of Borland software - supporting dBASE, Paradox, C++ and Delphi among others. I sat in the back of a training course on my first week and immersed myself in learning. I still remember the instructor, Steve N., whom I hung off every word. During my second week I had to assemble a PC from a pile of pieces and start supporting customers. It was thrilling and in those days, a lot of the support was on the phone. Being put on the spot, helping someone with coding or technical questions in real time was quite an experience. Soon I learned that the goal wasn’t to be an encyclopedia of answers, it was to show empathy, accuracy and understanding of the issue at hand and then work towards a solution by tapping into the minds and other resources available to my team. I had the opportunity to learn from others around the world throughout Asia, the Americas and Europe.

Training and Support stood out to me as the two pillars, or bookends, for what made things work. Those bookends, combined with a strong work ethic that put the customer first, would allow customers to get past the roadblock that they were facing and continue to have an impact on their users, their customers and their businesses. They could be the hero, we had their backs. During this time I would also spend time on the Borland forums sharing knowledge by answering questions and learning from others. It wasn’t required to do this, it was a free resource for our customers, but I found that sharing what I knew helped others get better and ultimately helped our team and company serve our customers better.

Fast forward 20 years from this time and whilst the technology stacks and world has changed in so many ways - some things haven’t:

  • Training and Support remain the pillars for any successful system adoption.
  • Empathy and a relentless focus on customer delight is essential.
  • Diversity in thinking and experiences provides the best input for problem solving.
  • People learn technology quickly and adapt.
  • An environment free from unnecessary anxiety allows people to do their best work and allows them to learn, grow and adapt quickly.
  • Providing opportunities for people to learn & grow their careers has a lasting impact on their families and community.
  • Paying it forward is a robust investment strategy.

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Here are our company values. They are a core part of what makes us unique. Since we created them, we’ve also evolved them as we’ve grown. They are the foundation of what makes ServiceRocket unique and were originally created by sixty Rocketeers (our entire company in 2006).
Delight the customer
‘Delight the Customer’ is a mindset, it’s an attitude of serving others and being empathic and attentive to their needs. Make our customers the hero. Have their backs. Help them. Push that trolley for them. Our Customers are Rocketeers too, treat them like we treat each other.
Share the knowledge
We help each other and our customers by sharing knowledge. We’re confident in the value that we bring to the table is in How we do things and is fueled by Why we do them. Real knowledge and wisdom is often learned through experience and failure, sharing these lessons through mentorship and collaborative tools is powerful and helps us grow.
Build process to drive outcomes
Process is choice and deliberacy. Building process builds confidence. Confidence that our customers have in our ability to have their backs when they need it most. Processes make things happen more than once with consistent results. We work with intent towards outcomes, and build the systems and models along the way to make progress. Our processes aren’t perfect, as they’re never finished. But we nurture and tend to them like a garden.
Think team
Business is a team sport. Being human is part of that deal. We choose to compete at this sport and that means that at times we’ll fail. And when we fail, we know that another Rocketeer is there with us in the arena, arm in arm, there to help pick us up, move on and rise strong. We don’t dwell on the Rocketeer that made the mistake, we learn from it and share the learnings - they are part of the journey. That’s called growth. When Rocketeers move on, we celebrate the time they had with us. We appreciate them, they helped us grow. Wish them well. Once a Rocketeer, always a Rocketeer.
Talk straight
We communicate accurately, succinctly and strive to be impeccable with our word. We don’t insult the intelligence of those we interact with by using big words that nobody understands, and whilst we are optimists at heart, we don’t win by spinning bullshit. Earn your words: lazy anecdotes and stereotypes create anxiety and don’t live here.

4000 active customers.
260 Rocketeers.
18 nationalities.
8 offices.  
5 values.
1 global culture.

2000 active customers.
260 Rocketeers.
10 people on the Leadership Team.
18 nationalities.
6 offices.
3 leaders on the Board.

1 global culture.