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Solutions that Create Support Team Safety Nets



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Solutions that Create Support Team Safety Nets

Solutions that Create Support Team Safety Nets


Expanding into the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region after the product acquisition was a no-brainer for an American-based cloud computing software and services company. However, without a local support team in the region and a time difference averaging 12 hours, it was almost impossible for their U.S.-based customer support team to offer quick and efficient support.


Global expansion was a top priority for this software services company, but they understood the limitations of their 9 to 5, U.S.-based support team would affect results. Without direct support in the time zones they wanted to serve, response times would be slow, and customers would be frustrated. On top of that, they found that issue resolution regularly extended past U.S. working hours, too. And with no second shift as a safety net, they were forced to work late or delay resolutions to the next business day.


By bringing in ServiceRocket as their outsourcing partner, the cloud computing company received a team of local support engineers to resolve all Level 1 tickets for the APAC region, significantly reducing the workload on their U.S. support team. They also gained a safety net of engineers to help resolve tickets that arose outside of or couldn’t be completed during the U.S.-based team’s regular hours.


ServiceRocket supported this software services company by extending support coverage from eight hours a day, five days a week, to 20 hours a day, five days a week. Not only that, ServiceRocket also reduced ticket resolution time by 20%. With the help of the APAC-based outsourced support engineers to resolve tickets, the company successfully expanded into the APAC region with a global safety net of support and a team dedicated to serving their customers

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