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Solutions that Deliver Innovative Support Models

Solutions that Deliver Innovative Support Models


A cybersecurity company’s contract was up for renewal with ServiceRocket. But before they extended, they wanted to understand how we delivered ServiceRocket’s Atlassian Managed Services. This would provide them with expert guidance on improving their customer support operations.


The cybersecurity company wanted ServiceRocket to develop an operating model that allowed their support team to provide better customer service. Having hired ServiceRocket initially for their Atlassian ecosystem expertise, they also wanted to see how ServiceRocket could deliver on their Atlassian Managed Services support and help them wow their customers.


ServiceRocket rose to the challenge by presenting a model based on best practices from the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), the Customer Operations Performance Centre (COPC) and the Kaizen philosophy. The model was supported by the attributes of the Atlassian ecosystem and included a capacity model, operational dashboard, automation suggestions and project design ideas. 


ServiceRocket's solution was well-received, resulting in the cybersecurity firm renewing their contract. To help implement the model, ServiceRocket set up biweekly work sessions to generate tasks in the client’s backlog system. Something of interest to note: the model ServiceRocket presented is the same one we use internally with our own customers, proving that ServiceRocket truly understands customer support.

ServiceRocket delivers exactly what we need to delight our customers.
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