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Solutions that Future-Proof Business Growth

Solutions that Future-Proof Business Growth


A fast-growing global gaming and technology company recently acquired several gaming studios and had plans to bring even more into the fold over time. However, many of the studios they acquired had existing Atlassian instances, which caused a problem: their current Server instance didn’t have enough open user spots to merge these acquisitions, and moving to the next tier meant paying for more users than they’d need. 


This gaming company’s recent acquisitions meant they now had too many users to fit into their current Server plan but too few to make the next tier financially viable. This left two options: migrating to Data Center — an expensive and time-consuming option as each studio would need a separate instance — or migrating to Cloud. To better understand their options, they turned to ServiceRocket for guidance.


With cost as the primary driver, ServiceRocket presented the stakeholders with a path that aligned with their business goals: a migration to Atlassian Enterprise Cloud. This would allow them to migrate the legacy instance to a parent site and create multiple child sites for other divisions and acquired teams. It would also get them ahead of the upcoming Server end-of-life deadline, so they wouldn’t have to switch again later.


The gaming enterprise moved their Jira and Confluence instances to Cloud while taking advantage of extended Atlassian dual licensing to support them during the complex migration. The solution provides new capabilities that would not be possible on the legacy platform. In addition, the move to Cloud lowered costs by decommissioning significant on-premise infrastructure and maintenance.

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