Solutions that Reduce Jira Admin Workloads



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501-5000 Employees

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Solutions that Reduce Jira Admin Workloads

Solutions that Reduce Jira Admin Workloads


This video game publisher is responsible for some of today's most innovative and well-known game brands. Their elite staff generates a growing collection of critically recognized games across PC, console and mobile platforms.


Unique business requirements required extensive use of custom scripts in Jira. This posed a challenge to company administrators, many of whom lacked programming experience. The result slowed projects and productivity.


By choosing to work with ServiceRocket, the team was able to effectively offload Jira script management and seamlessly make relevant updates as well as conduct user acceptance testing (UAT). 


Now that ServiceRocket handles script changes and updates that meet users’ changing needs, the team can focus on gaming innovation. Since company admins no longer need advanced Jira expertise, projects are delivered on time. Game on! 

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