Solutions that Use Health Checks for Improvement



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Solutions that Use Health Checks for Improvement

Solutions that Use Health Checks for Improvement


When a prominent athletic retail company renewed their Atlassian Managed Services support contract with ServiceRocket, they expanded the scope of the new contract to focus on high-priority items identified as part of a health check. The agile development work allowed them to quickly respond to changing market conditions and increase their Jira usage.


The retailer knew that user access requests were a significant time drain. However, they didn’t know what other issues and opportunities they had. They needed proactive guidance and agile service to assess their current situation and help them identify areas to improve. As part of this exercise, they wanted a health check of their Atlassian instance and advice on implementing best practices. 


ServiceRocket created a Jira Cloud health check report to identify critical threats and opportunities. This identified items that the client should prioritize. The report provided a letter grade per aspect, enabling the retailer to understand how the instance performed against industry standards in each area. As a part of this report, ServiceRocket also assessed the plugins installed on the instance, provided configuration suggestions and estimated the time required to fix the different aspects. In addition, ServiceRocket implemented a new process with dedicated time blocks to better process user access requests and reduce the time needed to service them.


ServiceRocket’s review was a great success. It revealed a serious security vulnerability that was unknown before the health check: a list of filters configured with public access. After reviewing the report in full, the retailer was able to reduce their risk, save time and better prioritize the work they wanted ServiceRocket to address under the new contract. Plus, the new process for user access requests addressed their original issue by saving 60% more time than dealing with the requests ad hoc, giving the client time to focus on their top priorities.

ServiceRocket provided great insight into our instances. We're impressed.
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