Accelerate Growth with Customer Education as a Service
ServiceRocket welcomes Dave Derington, our new Director of Customer Education
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I’m thrilled to be joining the ServiceRocket team to build out one of the very first Customer Education as a Service programs. I look forward to connecting with you.
Dave Derington
Director, Customer Education
Customer Education Requires a Dramatically New Way of Thinking

Organizations are at long last beginning to explore the immense value that scalable educational programs provide. But there’s a growing need to focus on speed, value and most importantly—scale.

The fact is: Customers who don’t learn, churn

Here are three ways that customer education can address this problem:

Features That Bring Your Company Together
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Focus on Value

Your product exists for one reason:  To deliver value to the customer.  

Customer education programs provide the equivalent of a GPS to your customer—it helps guide them to the value they expect rather than simply give them a map.

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Build Fast and Iterate Often

Your customer is in pain—now!  They don’t care about perfection, they just want to use your product and get their job done.

Just as we build products, customer education programs leverage agile processes to design, build, and improve content over time. Speed to market is #1. 

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On-Demand vs. 1:1 “Training”

Virtual or in-person training can quickly become a trap. While customers ask for it, busy customers seldom pay attention and ask for the recording anyway!

On-demand content scales infinitely, never gets tired, and doesn’t call in sick. 

Our expertise can help you quickly understand your customer’s needs. 

Customer Education is the key to helping rapidly-growing businesses have happy and successful customers. We’ll partner with you to deliver best in class customer education programs.

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