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Designed for teachers, Attendance Taker for Classroom is a powerful add-on that makes tracking attendance, scheduling and managing classes, sharing resources, generating reports quick and easy.

Integration with Google Classroom data and Google Calendar means daily tasks are automated -- and automation makes life easier.

Main Features

Automated Attendance Taking

When students join a class or access a scheduled resource, they are automatically validated using their Google Classroom account and attendance is automatically recorded. This is 100% hands free for teachers
Connector for Salesforce and Jira

Simplified inviting & Scheduling

Attendance Taker uses the class lists in Google Classroom, which means student information is always up-to-date. Choose the entire class or select specific students. Then, schedule a class or assignment by clicking a button, or simply paste the meeting or assignment URL into Google Calendar. Attendance Taker for Classroom handles the rest! Plus it works with any video conferencing platform.
Connector for Salesforce and Jira

One-Click Reporting

Create attendance reports in Google Sheets with just one-click. Easily customize your view to suit your needs using filters. Reports are conveniently stored in Google Drive making them accessible and easy to share.
Connector for Salesforce and Jira

More Features!

Automation and Integration Simplify Remote Attendance Taking

  • Automatic attendance taking & Google validation
  • Integration with Google Classroom data
  • Recurring meeting scheduling
  • Time-saving meeting manager
  • Google Meet integration
  • Third party video conferencing meeting support
  • Post to Classroom Stream
  • Online resource tracker
  • Attendance expiration window
  • Google account one-click sign-in
  • Generate report to Google Sheets
A Secure and Transparent Add-On

Our promise is to make the work of teachers and teaching institutions easier, without ever putting student information at risk. Attendance Taker for Classroom by ServiceRocket fully supports Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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