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Our Bootcamp is legendary. We provide an awesome life-changing experience that shapes lives and careers.

In other words...

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There’s more to this
bootcamp than just coding.

With our service course, you’ll up your professional and personal skills, improve your English and learn to effectively communicate with customers.

After completing the bootcamp, you'll have the chance to become a full-time Rocketeer at ServiceRocket.

Learn from global professionals who know their stuff. Grow your skills. Meet great people.
8 - 10
Starting Date
4th of July, 2022
Course Time
Full Time
Gain expertise in some or all of these tech skills
Atlassian Accreditation
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UNIX Command Line
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JAVA Applications
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Jira Automation
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There’s no obligation.
Come for the Bootcamp and walk away with great knowledge and a great experience.

As a US-based global company, we enable tech giants like Atlassian, Meta and Salesforce to get the most from their software and help fast-growing companies take off. Our Rocketeers rock and so does our culture!

What you need to attend:

You’re proficient in basic IT knowledge

You can communicate in English

Are curious and ready to learn

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What Rocketeers Say About the Bootcamp

I had the chance to expand my knowledge tremendously and learn both technical and soft skills. You apply your knowledge to real life problems.

Bootcamp pushed me to the limit! I learned how to manage my time, work with a team and be responsible. Those skills can't be learned with a manual! Bootcamp was the perfect opportunity to do that.

My previous bootcamp experiences were boring. This one was the opposite! The team culture was amazing! The mentors helped me conquer my fears–I learned so much. I’m a better professional now.

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