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ServiceRocket Welcomes Triathlete Sika Henry as Brand Ambassador

At ServiceRocket, our core values encourage us to Think Team, Share the Knowledge and Build Processes that Drive Outcomes. By partnering with dynamic individuals and organizations, we’re constantly looking to demonstrate those values in new ways.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our first ever brand ambassador partnership with Sika Henry.

As the first African American woman to become a professional triathlete, Henry generously shares her knowledge with others. She demonstrates how disciplined and well-defined processes can drive amazing outcomes. By working with her coaches and family, Henry practices a team mentality, as she sets a high bar and achieves it. And while winning is important, it isn’t her sole priority.  

“I’m passionate about being a triathlete,” says Henry, “but I’m much more than just an athlete.”

“I’m an analyst, sister, daughter—a person who is passionate about diversity and representation,” she adds. “Those things mean as much to me as doing another race.”

In fact, it was the desire for greater diversity that drove Henry to power through a difficult bike crash in 2019 and go on to finish third female amateur overall at the 2021 Challenge Cancun (half Ironman).

That win would award her a triathlete pro card, in a sport whose participants are  predominantly white and male (African Americans make up only 0.5% of the sport, according to 2009 study initiated by USA Triathlon).

Henry not only wants to diversify the world of triathlon, she’s intent on bringing the joy of sports to a wider range of participants. To achieve that goal, she set a high bar for a partner that exemplified her values. “I found that with ServiceRocket,” says Henry.

“We’re delighted to welcome Sika to our family,” says Rob Castaneda, CEO, ServiceRocket, himself an amateur triathlete. “It’s an honor to have built a friendship and partnership to support her work, one that will help make our sport, and the world, a more inclusive place. Inclusion is something I’ve thought and written about, and it’s central to our mission at ServiceRocket.”

Over the coming year, Henry and the ServiceRocket Foundation will team up to expand diverse representation in sports, not just in a competitive context, but as a means to change lives.  

“I have a ‘never say never’ mindset,” says Henry.

“I continually shock myself as I train and meet new goals. In my work with kids, I share that mindset with them. No matter if you win or fail, doing it will change your life and open many doors.”

Beyond being a professional triathlete and full-time analyst at Ferguson Enterprises, Henry contributes her time to a number of non-profit organizations, including the National Black Marathoners Association, the Newsome-Bailey Project and Black Kids Swim, among others.

“We look forward to enabling Sika to further her work with local communities in a meaningful way,” notes Castaneda. “I’m also thrilled that she will enrich the lives of Rocketeers and enable them to make a difference in their personal performance and in the communities we live in and serve.”

As ServiceRocket’s brand ambassador, Henry will meet regularly with Rocketeers, many of whom are aspiring athletes.  

“Do what you want. Follow your own goals. Make your own decisions. Not everyone has to win an Ironman race. If you do that, it’s easier to drive yourself and get joy from it,” councils Henry.

Those words of wisdom align with ServiceRocket’s quest: to help our Rocketeers find their own path in life and their own path to wellness.

Welcome to ServiceRocket, Sika Henry—we’ve got your back!

Photo of Sika Henry courtesy of Rook Productions Media

Set your course, live your values.

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