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Together, We Grow the Tree. Share the Fruit

25+ nationalities across five continents.

Ours is a vibrantly diverse culture at ServiceRocket. Despite the oceans that separate us, we collaborate across multiple time zones. We Think Team and have each other’s backs.

We’re also a company of entrepreneurs with bold ideas. Every voice matters. Rocketeers are empowered to Talk Straight and Drive Outcomes.  

That’s why we’re truly excited about a compensation plan that recognizes our collective efforts as a company and rewards Rocketeers for their individual achievements.  

The Grow the Tree. Share the Fruit program (STF) is based on a simple premise: as our ServiceRocket tree grows, blossoms and bears fruit, we share the harvest.    

With Grow the Tree. Share the Fruit, everyone shares in our success.  

Developed in 2021, the program accounts for compensation variables across the many countries where Rocketeers reside and intentionally looks to minimize these complications. It includes everyone, wherever they are. That’s important in a multinational company like ours.

Here’s how it works
Rocketeer STF compensation is based on two quarterly outcomes:

Individual goals
Accounts for 50% of STF

ServiceRocket’s financial targets
Accounts for the other 50% of STF

For example, if individual and company goals are met or exceeded, the amount of available STF increases; if one or both goals are below expectations, the amount is less.

What doesn’t change is a Rocketeer’s base salary.

STF doesn’t take money away. No one’s salary goes backwards. Ever.

STF aligns with the role
Just as we support every Rocketeer’s growth, so does STF. As a Rocketeer takes on greater responsibility as part of our company’s Career Pathways, his or her opportunity for STF grows.

In fact, STF could be ten, 20 or 30 percent on top of base salary.

We go higher, together
Many companies focus on quarterly goals and results. STF is different. It isn’t about short-term thinking or one-off results. Share the Fruit is our long-term vision that starts now.

With STF, we’re establishing a regular cadence that enables us to meet and exceed our goals as never before. Together, we’ll grow ServiceRocket’s tree and reward everyone along the way. That’s truly exciting.

There’s no doubt that our Rocketeers will reap great benefits from Share the Fruit.

We want every Rocketeer to share the fruit to their fullest potential.

Supporting individual health and well being
Grow the Tree. Share the Fruit is one of many ServiceRocket benefits that include Tech Choice 2.0, Stock Options, Cultural Heritage Day, Wellness Days and Returnity leave. These benefits are part of our promise:

To provide Rocketeers with a life experience that supports their professional growth and personal well being.

More than ever, we’ve got each other’s backs.

Are you ready to do the best work of your life with an excellent team that has your back? We’re hiring great people with entrepreneurial vision. Join us for an opportunity to develop your personal goals, advance your career and be rewarded, every step of the way.

Together, we grow the tree…

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