Rocketeer Close Up: Foo Guan Sim

Komodo Islands, Gili Nanggu, Sibenik, Isfahan… ServiceRocket’s Think Team culture enables this Rocketeer to explore the world.

Rocketeer Close Up: Foo Guan Sim

Komodo Islands, Gili Nanggu, Sibenik, Isfahan… ServiceRocket’s Think Team culture enables this Rocketeer to explore the world.

ServiceRocket is more than a global company—we’re a global family.

With offices on five continents and Rocketeers representing 18 nationalities, we think of ourselves as one global culture. As a successful Services Manager at ServiceRocket, Foo Guan Sim exemplifies that global spirit.

Based in our London office and originally from Malaysia, Foo Guan (make that Foogie) is a voracious traveler and documentarian. Yet he’s rather modest about his global  adventures. “I’ve only accumulated 20+ countries across three continents so far,” he says. Far less, he notes, than his wife, Amalia.

Amalia and Foogie, being a bit cheeky, on a recent 121KM hike across the beautiful Dolomites. The trip is Foogie's favorite vlog (so far).

The two intrepid travelers set out with cameras, selfie sticks and drones in tow, documenting their far-flung journeys to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Jogyakarta and beyond on Foogie Sims VLOGs. With nearly 21,000 subscribers, their videos offer a candid view into ancient and new worlds. Masters at making complex travel seem easy, they also appear to have stomachs of steel. 

Eating balut, essentially a fertilized developing egg embryo that is boiled and eaten from the shell, in Cambodia.

Never one to shy away from exclamatory revelations (“Amazing Mosque in Zagreb!”, “So Much Legroom!”, “Too Cold! Abort! Abort!”) Foogie is equally enthusiastic about his career and work at ServiceRocket. He graciously took time to answer our questions before his next great adventure.

Describe what you do at ServiceRocket.

FGS: My day to day work is a mix of consulting, technical oversight and project management for our Atlassian-based consulting services.

What do you enjoy most about your work at ServiceRocket?

FGS: I especially enjoy the bond of friendship built throughout my years of working with this company. This is why I am still with the company after 10 years.

"What I have in ServiceRocket right now is a family."

Do business operations and world travel require a similar attitude and skills?

FGS: The ability to adapt to changes and different environments quickly is key to being successful in both consulting and travel. Resistance to these often leads to a very bad travel and work experience.

Does the culture at ServiceRocket enable you to balance your love of travel with full time work?

FGS: Yes! The flexibility for time planning, and a strong #Think Team culture ensures that I’m able to enjoy my time traveling without worrying about work. The ServiceRocket team is always ready to jump on an issue without interrupting someone who is enjoying their holiday.

"Abyaneh, Iran, one of the nicest views we've ever seen. We had a great time there traveling with my parents."

When did you first get serious about traveling?

FGS: After my first solo, unplanned trip hiking in the Himalayas. That was when my eyes were open to the fulfillment of travel that’s not filled with itineraries or fancy accommodations.

Did living in Malaysia cultivate your desire for multicultural experiences?

FGS: Definitely! You’re exposed to different cultures growing up in Malaysia. Since it’s such a multicultural nation, we get a lot of travelers from around the world. It was through my experience hosting these travelers via Couchsurfing that I cultivated the desire for multicultural experiences.

“Travel has made me more aware of the prejudices I harbored in the past about different cultures.”

What’s your idea of the perfect trip?

FGS: The perfect trip is one that I do not have to vlog about! YouTube can feel like a burden when I travel, which is why some of my better trips are without a camera.

"My 'Sound of Music' moment in the Komodo Islands, Indonesia."

How would you describe yourself as a travel guide?

FGS: Someone who may not have the most detailed information but is able to make sure you have an enjoyable experience, full of adventure, great sights and mouth-watering food.

Moment on a trip when you thought, “Maybe we shouldn’t have…”

FGS: When we decided to camp out in the rain in the Dolomites and our campsite quickly became a pool. It was a nightmare to move the tent in the rain and to avoid getting all our stuff wet due to the rising water level, but it was a learning experience and something that we laugh about now.

Beyond your travel experiences, how has working at ServiceRocket shaped you?

FGS: Working at ServiceRocket has shaped me into more of a leader than a follower, which I have been all my life. ServiceRocket has given me many opportunities to lead in different capacities and helped me realize my full potential.

Soaking up the incredible view of Laguna Azul in Patagonia, Chile.

Beyond his audacious world travels, Foogie brings an equally exciting "possible" mindset to being a tech consultant at ServiceRocket.

Does empathy come naturally to you? Do you love challenging yourself and solving problems? If so, ServiceRocket wants to hear from you! We’re a global family of Rocketeers who practice values like #Think Team and #We’ve Got Your Back every day. We also offer great benefits like TechChoice and Returnity. Check out current ServiceRocket job openings.

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