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SIKA & servicerocket

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In 2021 Sika Henry became the first African American female pro triathlete.
That same year she became ServiceRocket’s first brand ambassador.
We’re proud to have her back as she races toward a future of equity in sports.


An avid amateur triathlete, Rob is an active member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization and current president of its San Francisco chapter. A fan of guitarist Steve Vai, he enjoys instrumental guitar. “No words, just tones and pure expression. It lets me focus on coding and data without being distracted!”
2019 IRONMAN World Championship finisher, a 2-time Marathon Champ, and made history when she became the first African American Woman to qualify for her pro card in triathlon, named Athlete of the Year as part of the 2020 Outspoken Women in Triathlon Awards for her work to advocate for and make positive change in the sport of triathlon.

Explore Sika’s journey as ServiceRocket’s brand ambassador

To learn more about our work with Sika or for broadcast-ready clips, contact: gretchen.pawloski@servicerocket.com