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ServiceRocket Co-Innovator Program

Be among the first to explore ServiceRocket’s forthcoming apps and features. Gain early access and help us help you craft products that you need.

A program for pioneers
Are you a tech trailblazer who thrives on unraveling the mysteries of technology and pushing the limits of what's achievable? Are you an enthusiastic administrator, a Tool Whisperer or on the look out for ways to improve processes? The Co-Innovator Program is made for you. Your contribution empowers us to build better products for platforms you already love (or yet to love!)

How does it work?

1. Sign up
Register today and receive a membership confirmation, program info and updates.
2. Get notified first
We'll invite you to collaborate on projects that match your interests.
3. Participate!
Join discovery interviews, test prototypes, work alongside our product teams
4. Give feedback
Tell us in real time what worked and what didn't so we can build products that work for you

What’s in it for you?

Get direct access to our product team and co-create what’s coming next.
Access our best-in-class apps first, and optimize your workflows right away.
Join a connected community of people from all over the world (Coming soon)!
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A sneak peek (and more coming soon!)

Secure Notes for JSM
Safely share encrypted sensitive information in Jira Service Management.
Automatic Issue Links for Jira
Effortlessly link issue with issue keys in your comments.
Connector for Salesforce and Miro
Simplify collaboration between Salesforce and Miro. Seamlessly sync data, create visual workflows, and enhance team alignment with our powerful integration.
Birdview for Confluence
Visualize your Confluence Space's structure effortlessly with the mind map view. Understand page relationships at a glance and navigate your content seamlessly.
Page Feedback for Confluence
Empower content quality through insightful feedback.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The program grants early adopters exclusive access to our latest innovations and features before their official release. Participants get a firsthand experience, influence the product's development, and provide valuable feedback.

As a participant, we value your feedback! Your insights, suggestions, and experiences with the product are invaluable. We encourage active engagement through testing, sharing feedback, and collaborating with our team.

No, participation is entirely free. We are committed to building a community of passionate users who share our vision for the future of products, and there are no charges associated with being part of this exclusive program.

Absolutely! Your feedback is invaluable in refining and improving our product. While not every suggestion might be implemented immediately, we carefully consider and prioritize user feedback to enhance the product for all users.

Yes, participants have the flexibility to opt-out of the program at any stage. Your feedback and contributions are appreciated, regardless of the duration of your participation. Simply reach out to our support team, and we'll guide you through the process.

Generally, there are no stringent prerequisites. We welcome users of varying expertise levels. However, some features might cater to specific user groups. Rest assured, we'll communicate any requirements transparently.

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