How GoodData Leverages Customer Training

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Learndot Enterprise

When GoodData realized that they needed a dedicated training organization for their software, they turned to ServiceRocket. ServiceRocket deployed Learndot Enterprise, which currently manages all of the tasks associated with marketing, selling, managing, delivering and track performance of their training courses.

The Importance of Training and Education

“Training is really important to GoodData because there’s a big focus on helping our customers become successful with our product as quickly as possible,” said Cliff Cate, senior vice president, customer success at GoodData. Before adopting ServiceRocket, GoodData’s training was predominantly custom-delivered on an ad-hoc basis by consultants or the support organization. GoodData quickly realized that it needed to create a dedicated training organization and started to investigate partners that could help them in this endeavor.

Why ServiceRocket?

“I first heard about ServiceRocket through some of our customers – Zendesk and Box –  who were using the software and were pleased with the service they provided,” Cate said. “I was looking to take our training to the next level and the fact that Zendesk and Box were happy customers led me to do additional research.”

After a short evaluation, GoodData selected ServiceRocket’s Support Services to power its training and education program.

“We selected ServiceRocket for two reasons. The first was their expertise in building comprehensive training programs for companies of all shapes and sizes,” Cate said. “I was looking for a partner, not a vendor, and ServiceRocket provided both the up-front expertise building programs and the ongoing technology platform to support it. The second reason I went with ServiceRocket was their platform. Learndot was a great way to quickly deliver a professional training website to my customers.”

Expert Training Guidance

GoodData relied on ServiceRocket to help define the vision for its training organization. Starting with a facilitated strategy session, ServiceRocket helped GoodData to define what its key education priorities were, and the optimal curriculum and delivery methods to achieve these priorities.

“Working with the ServiceRocket team was great. It was really easy to get started, and was a really collaborative process,” Cate said. “They had the right level of expertise to guide me when I needed it. They also asked the right questions to better understand our specific business challenges. It was easy process, but at the same time I felt assured that we were getting to the right result quickly.”

On-Going Management

The next major step was to implement Learndot, an on-demand learning platform that acts as an extension of GoodData’s website and manages all of the tasks associated with marketing, selling, managing, delivering and track performance of their training courses.

Of significant importance to GoodData is the ability to now track and report all transactions, as well as other key performance indicators. “Reporting is a really important feature of their platform,” Cate says. “For example, not only can we easily track how many students have registered for a class, we can also see who actually attended and follow up quickly with those that didn’t.”

The Bottom Line

ServiceRocket has made a huge impact on how GoodData educates their customers, which should lead to better consumption of their software, fewer support issues and happier customers.

“Learndot handles the heavy lifting for our training business so we can focus on making our customers successful,” Cate says. “We now have expertise and a focus around training, which has allowed us to improve the quality and the overall experience for our customers.”