Solutions that Alleviate Atlassian Security Risks



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Solutions that Alleviate Atlassian Security Risks

Solutions that Alleviate Atlassian Security Risks


This next-generation learning company provides K-12 students and educators with cutting-edge educational solutions that combine new ideas with fresh perspectives and interactive methods.


Lacking an immediately available patch or fix, company security and compliance became a concern, as well as security risks that could impact publicly-accessible applications. The team needed the help of outside experts to address these risks.


ServiceRocket assessed the situation, built a plan and provided a solution that immediately reduced risk by blocking external requests that contain potential attacks by implementing the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Web Application Firewall (WAF).


This leading digital learning service found peace of mind with enhanced protection from security vulnerabilities. As a hands-on partner, ServiceRocket improved Atlassian application security and kept their apps safe and secure. Sweet! 

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