Solutions that Ensure Atlassian Data Security



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501-5000 Employees

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Solutions that Ensure Atlassian Data Security

Solutions that Ensure Atlassian Data Security


This direct marketing company specializes in direct-to-consumer ads for health and beauty products via infomercials, social media and more. Many of the brands they work with provide a unique marketing opportunity via celebrity endorsements.


As company marketers increased their use of publicly-available Atlassian apps, so did the need for data security and compliance. They sought assurance that their data would remain secure. 


ServiceRocket optimized the company’s network. One key intervention was configuring a load balancer to efficiently distribute traffic across multiple nodes. The team then implemented port restrictions with advanced access control.


With the help of ServiceRocket’s experienced team, the company optimized security implementations that seamlessly met their business needs. Reduced risk allows for greater productivity, without compromising their data security. Bullseye!.

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