Solutions that Improve Key Support Statistics



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Solutions that Improve Key Support Statistics

Solutions that Improve Key Support Statistics


An industry-leading and fast-growing app development company wanted to improve their support performance but encountered roadblocks when attempting to tackle it themselves. With their current staff overloaded and their hiring budget stretched thin, they needed to strategically improve their support without exceeding their budget or staffing goals.


This global app development company came to ServiceRocket with several goals to accomplish. They wanted to expand their time zone coverage — including on public holidays — and discontinue a secondary support shift that was putting them over budget but still not solving their demand issues. Plus, they wanted to improve first response times, decrease overall resolution time, deflect tickets from their upper-level support agents and increase their high-star reviews in the Atlassian Marketplace.


ServiceRocket provided dedicated support engineers with the right expertise to fill existing gaps in the developer’s support system when ticket volumes rose too high. When ticket volume was low, ServiceRocket’s support engineers worked on a capacity model by pulling historical data from their systems and mapping out their approximate ticket volume based on ticket types. With this information, the customer could assess the number of agents required to handle current and future ticket loads and hire strategically to ensure full global coverage.


The quality support and guidance ServiceRocket provided helped the app developer future-proof their customer support and entirely eliminate their costly second support shift. ServiceRocket’s outsourced support team also covered an average of 45% of submitted tickets and raised support deflection percentages by up to 97%. In addition, ServiceRocket’s support assistance helped add nearly 30 high-rated reviews in just six months, which spurred ServiceRocket’s support team to create a custom-built Google dashboard to pull Atlassian Marketplace review data to track the review progress better.

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