Solutions that Mitigate Health Risks with JSM



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Solutions that Mitigate Health Risks with JSM

Solutions that Mitigate Health Risks with JSM


A government health service was seeking a way to capture border declarations and manage the risk of COVID-19 transmission for anyone traveling between states.


During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the priorities for this government agency was to limit the spread of the disease. To manage the risk of transmission, the agency needed a solution to monitor border crossings from a high-risk state to its own.


In response, ServiceRocket developed and deployed a Jira Service Management (JSM) solution in one weekend, with later additions evolving with further automation. The solution included letter generation and SMS alerts and eventually became 100% automated with no service desk agent involvement. It was a customer-facing solution that required zero backend involvement or effort on the part of the government.


Over three weeks, the JSM solution captured over 2,500 requests for border declaration passes. This provided public health officials with adequate information to manage the risk of COVID-19 transmission. The project was a great success, and though it is now inactive, the solution remains ready if needed and can be adapted for other purposes as required.

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