Solutions that Provide Advanced Cloud Insights


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Solutions that Provide Advanced Cloud Insights

Solutions that Provide Advanced Cloud Insights


A major online ticketing and event management company wanted to take advantage of the Atlassian Server end-of-life deadline to update outdated instances. But they didn’t want to stop there; they wanted to introduce transformative dashboards and reporting capabilities to enhance their operations and get the most out of their migration.


The event management company wanted to move from their decade-old Atlassian Server instances to Cloud. They contacted ServiceRocket for expertise in a full migration and improvements to their current setup. The goal? To allow marketing and product teams to collaborate and access insights into the engineering team's work and roadmap.


ServiceRocket initiated a two-stage approach to tackle the migration. The first stage involved scoping the prerequisites, assessing the company's cloud readiness and setting up a staging Jira instance before migrating. In the second stage, ServiceRocket leveraged Advanced Roadmaps and EazyBI to set up new roadmaps and cross-team dashboards. This gave product managers and product leads visibility and input into release planning and coordination with the engineering team.


The event and ticketing platform company underwent a significant digital transformation by migrating their Jira and Confluence instances to the Cloud. They introduced advanced roadmap planning and release features, allowing for collaborative planning and dependency management across teams. Additionally, ServiceRocket developed advanced custom dashboards to enable further insights for resource management.

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