Solutions that Remove Jira Admin Overhead


Scientific Research

Company Size

501-5000 Employees

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Solutions that Remove Jira Admin Overhead

Solutions that Remove Jira Admin Overhead


This leading scientific research facility focuses on making sustainable energy and a healthier environment a reality for all. In-house research conducted in one-of-a-kind facilities serves to expand scientific research. 


The facility’s crucial mission was blocked by a lack of experience with the Jira platform and its administration. Valuable time was being wasted. A solution was needed that would allow key personnel to focus on research. 


The center decided to partner with the ServiceRocket team to better manage their Jira implementation and usage. By outsourcing their Jira management, researchers won back time and saw increased productivity. 


This research company was able to free up valuable internal resources by partnering with a trusted resource. ServiceRocket’s solutions enabled them to quickly meet their users’ needs on the Jira platform without internal interference. Bravo!

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