Solutions that Restructure Support Teams


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Solutions that Restructure Support Teams

Solutions that Restructure Support Teams


Unstructured support teams can lead to a whole host of issues, as this open source platform for secure collaboration company quickly found out. With sales growing rapidly and a structureless support team unable to keep up with the demand, requests were piling up fast, affecting overall customer satisfaction with their communications service.


This communications platform didn’t have the support resources needed to deal with the onslaught of paid and unpaid customer requests. Plus, the support team’s reliance on a quality assurance engineer to help resolve tickets slowed product velocity, taking time away from the QA team and lengthening resolution times while they waited for the engineer’s input. All of these issues led to a fractured support team, unable to meet the demands of their customers without considerable intervention. They needed help — and fast — so ServiceRocket speedily stepped in to help them get back on track.


ServiceRocket triaged the communication company’s support operations and assigned dedicated support engineers to an earlier shift to cover support gaps. That shift also overlaps with the communications service’s support coverage, giving more support to handle the high volume of tickets at peak times throughout the day. In addition, with help from ServiceRocket, the communication company was able to offer group chat support to identify, escalate and solve complex issues in real-time. These solutions have helped the company tackle growing support demand and provide faster customer resolutions.


ServiceRocket’s intervention helped the customer support team go from a struggling ad-hoc team to a well-oiled machine with an enhanced premium enterprise solution. With all the assistance and guidance ServiceRocket provided in structuring the team to reach peak performance, initial response times soon averaged under four hours, significantly improving customer satisfaction.

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