Solutions that Revamp JSM Business Processes


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Solutions that Revamp JSM Business Processes

Solutions that Revamp JSM Business Processes


A mobile phone operator faced a major challenge due to a data breach in their on-prem environment. Seeking a resolution, they turned to ServiceRocket for support in rebuilding their processes on Jira Service Management (JSM) Cloud.


When a data breach left this mobile phone operator without access to their Atlassian processes and workstreams, they had to switch back to more outdated work methods — like email, notes apps and spreadsheets — to process their data. This made it difficult to track work and significantly slowed their operations. They needed a JSM implementation partner to rebuild their systems for maximum efficiency to get back on track.


ServiceRocket designed and built a new JSM Cloud project for the mobile phone operator by implementing JSM for eight different teams directly on Atlassian Cloud. To help reduce delays due to time zone differences, ServiceRocket visited the company in person to gather the requirements to launch the new projects. In addition, due to the data breach, there was no data to migrate, so the solution was built from the ground up as a cloud-first approach. This allowed ServiceRocket to introduce improvements and best practices into their new system and processes.


With ServiceRocket’s expert implementation, the mobile phone operator was able to get the new projects up and running on schedule. The new JSM projects were a vast improvement over their previous system as ServiceRocket tailored them to their needs better. These successful results have allowed the customer to rethink their business processes and develop a more purpose-built workflow and solution that fits their needs.

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