Solutions that Save Processing Time and Money


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Solutions that Save Processing Time and Money

Solutions that Save Processing Time and Money


A Fortune 500 technology and innovation company — already partnered with ServiceRocket for Atlassian migrations — needed help scaling their use of Atlassian as they brought on more users and teams. Compromising on support was non-negotiable, and they needed ServiceRocket’s help to find a cost-effective solution that could support their growing user base.


ServiceRocket analyzed work patterns and found that the number of Atlassian user access requests grew as the tech company hired new people. Plus, the excess hours were not due to the number of requests but rather the process of handling and logging them, which was putting them over budget. They engaged ServiceRocket to improve the request process and reduce the time spent while maintaining customer satisfaction.


ServiceRocket assigned a specific time window for working on access request handling, scheduling three dedicated hours every day. These were divided into two sessions — one and a half hours each — at the beginning and end of every workday. ServiceRocket processed all requests received since the last dedicated time during these periods. This best practice of grouping similar requests increased productivity and reduced the hours needed for ad-hoc processing.


Thanks to ServiceRocket’s intervention, the user access request process increased efficiency by 50% in just one month. This new process also allowed ServiceRocket more time to work on other priority items for the technology company, reducing the following year’s forecasted costs. With the same budget, ServiceRocket can now support 15% more users without additional costs. By prioritizing the client's needs, ServiceRocket made a significant difference and impressed the Fortune 500 tech company with valuable and reliable work, so they requested even more assistance moving forward.

ServiceRocket’s team goes above and beyond to make sure the user's needs are met, even if that means learning something new themselves.
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