Solutions that Solve Software Authorization Issues


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Solutions that Solve Software Authorization Issues

Solutions that Solve Software Authorization Issues


This software company needed an authorization solution to give people access to only what they needed. They turned to ServiceRocket to set up a system to submit access requests by integrating Jira Service Management (JSM) and multiple APIs with Slack for advanced authentication processes.


A software authentication company needed to integrate their own APIs and those from Atlassian and their clients to manage and rectify an authorization system. They required an approval system triggered through APIs and a Slack integration as a failsafe in case their APIs experienced any issues. Lacking experience using JSM or Atlassian APIs, they reached out to ServiceRocket for assistance in building out the project.


ServiceRocket provided the customer with a simple portal system to submit requests for access with an approval process to lock it down so that the APIs trigger it. In addition, ServiceRocket built a Slack integration to view, manage and approve tickets. This was all done by utilizing assets to set up the list of customers’ instances and build scripts to automate the customer data updates.


ServiceRocket synced the customer data from the software security company’s database to Jira Service Management. This provided an easy-to-use system for customer instance request access with the ability to track ticket progress and approvals. By eliminating actions that potential bad actors might take advantage of, the system was audit-proofed, resulting in

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