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Are you starting or evolving in your customer education journey? Either way, you can rely on our team to create nimble, customized strategies aligned to your business priorities.

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Customer Education requires a dramatically new way of thinking.

Customer education IS customer success.

There’s a growing need for customer education programs to prove their value add by driving business outcomes. To do this, programs need to adopt agile methodologies that focus on quickly helping users, rather than teaching software features.

“Our team partnered with ServiceRocket to produce 15 SCORM packages for an on-demand sex education course. Overall, we had a wonderful experience, and are very satisfied with the finished products. Communication was clear throughout the project and we really appreciated the regular check-in meetings. Great work AND on time! Highly recommended.”
Violeta Gonzalez
Digital Learning Manager at Planned Parenthood
“I really enjoyed the class today and am leaving with a clearer picture of how to translate all the #customereducation awesomeness into my unique context. Thanks, ServiceRocket for sharing your expertise!
One big learning I am walking away with is how a maturity model is less linear and more multidimensional in how I can grow and support it. Super helpful!”
Kristin (Schaller) Thompson
Product Education at Zartico
“This was an incredible workshop! Thank you ServiceRocket and Team! I am even more excited to begin my new role and use the knowledge I gained from the workshop. I appreciate the lively discussion and the resources you provided. ”
Ashley DeKergeland
Senior Manager of Customer Education at Quickbase
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Customer Education Strategy Workshop
In this workshop, our goal is to help you:
  • Align your education program goals to your business goals
  • Understand where your business is at today in meeting your customer's needs
  • Create a roadmap to scale your education program as your business grows
Tuesday June 27th & Thursday June 29th
2 days of 3 hrs each - 09:00 to 12:00 PT
Participate in three days of inspiring, thought-provoking sessions with leading industry experts in customer, partner, and professional training from the comfort of your own home.
    October 3, 2023 – October 5, 2023
    11:00 AM - 5:00 PM ET
    Success Built-In Approach
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    ServiceRocket Customer Education Methodology
    Key Modules that Scale

    Don't see a plan that fits your exact needs? We've thought of that too. Simply select three or more modules to create your own plan.

    Discovery and Strategy Workshop
    Identify your problems and recommend a success strategy and solution for your education program.
    Content Strategy
    Develop and build scalable educational content quickly.
    Data Analytics and Reporting
    Develop measurable data that offers insight into your program.
    Build the framework for teams to develop and deploy credentials and certifications.*
    *This module does not produce the certificates or credentials for participants.
    Change Management
    Develop a goals-oriented approach for your organization to achieve positive change with lasting benefits.
    Partner Enablement
    Develop the “Train the Trainer” framework.
    Focus on going to market quickly with content that is scalable and drives value.
    Instructional Design and Training
    Focus on going to market quickly with content that is scalable and drives value.*
    *This module is available if required, at additional cost.
    Retention & Growth Built-in
    Benefits to You
    Reduce Churn
    Faster Go-to-Market
    Reduce Technical Support
    Focus on Value
    Improve ROI
    Analytics - Data Tied with Business Outcomes
    Outstanding Customer Satisfaction
    Benefits to Your Customers
    Maximize Realized Value
    Enjoyable Learning Experiences
    Always Up-to-Date
    (not just clicks)
    Outstanding Customer Experience
    Flexible Plans that Grow with You
    Get a strategic roadmap for a successful educational program
    All you need to achieve your vision
    • Discovery and Strategy Workshop
    • Business Objectives and Goals Assessment
    • Program Recommendations
    Get a customized training solution that’s measurable and scalable
    Everything in Standard +
    • Content Strategy
    • Sentiment Audit
    • Data Analytics and Reporting
    Get personalized train-the-trainer coaching that achieves successful outcomes
    Everything in Professional +
    • Credentialing
    • Change Management
    • Partner Enablement
    Compare our plans that support your needs and business goals
    Close Comparison Table
    Managed Services for Customer Education
    Discovery and Strategy Workshop
    Program Analysis and Survey
    Strategy Workshop
    Business Objectives and Goals Assessment
    Program Advisor
    Program Recommendations Report
    Content Strategy
    Content Audit
    Sentiment Audit
    Content Strategy Workshop
    Program Design - Content
    Data Analysis and Reporting
    Analysis (Data, Stack, Integration)
    Report Development
    Process and Automation
    Training (Credentialing Webinar)
    Fundamental Assessment/Analysis - Credentialing and Certification
    Credentialing Program Design and Recommendations
    Change Management
    Organizational Assessment
    Training (Webinar)
    Impact Assessment Survey
    Evaluation and Finding
    Partner Enablement
    Training (Partner Enablement Webinar)
    Fundamental Assessment/Analysis - Partner Enablement
    Partner Enablement Program Design and Recommendations
    Training (Monetization Webinar)
    Fundamental Assessment/Analysis - Monetization
    Monetization Program Design and Recommendations
    Instructional Design and Training*
    *This module is not included with any plan, but it is available at additional cost if required.
    Rapid Educational Content GTM Strategy*
    Development of Key Areas of Instruction*
    Development of VILT*
    Calculate your Education Maturity Score
    Answer the following questions and see what stage your business is at.
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