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March 24, 2014
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Jira Administration Tips: Customizing Your Email Notifications

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When it comes to administering an Atlassian Jira instance, there are a myriad things to consider. The top of the list includes user permission schemes, workflows, and useful add-ons. Don’t get me started in backing up and restoring Jira data. These are all critical features that must be addressed, but sometimes it is the little things that matter, especially when it comes to sending email notifications of Jira activity. When it comes to Jira Administration, it is easy to overlook the end user experience.

A great feature in Jira is the ability to set email notification when issues are created and updated because anyone who needs to know something can be notified when it happens. Great news! However, your people already get a lot of emails. They are likely drowning in their inbox. So aren’t Jira email notifications going to get just as lost as any other email? Not necessarily.

Jira Admin Tips: Create SMTP Server Tutorial

In Jira, you can customize the subject line in your email notification to distinguish it from all other emails that your people receive. This feature makes it easy for people to identify, sort, and ultimately take action on these notification. In this brief video, you will learn how to configure the subject line of your Jira notification emails and be a Jira admin hero.

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