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An Amazing First Year with Sika Henry

August 2021 brought exciting news at ServiceRocket:  

Sika Henry became our first brand ambassador.

The goal was to share Sika’s amazing story with Rocketeers and the world as the first-ever female African American professional triathlete.

The year since has been an amazing ride-run-swim, one marked by significant achievements, including Sika being inducted into the National Black Distance Running Hall of Fame by the National Black Marathoners Association (NBMA).

Our exciting journey with Sika began with her website.

The Relaunch of SikaHenry.com
Sika is a doer and achiever. In addition to her NBMA honor, she was voted 2021 Best Breakthrough Performance by Triathlete Magazine and listed, along with Vice President Kamala Harris and other luminaries, in The New York Times feature, What Made Black History in 2021.

Sika’s newsworthy accomplishments were piling up like runners in a heat. She needed a place where the press, sponsors and fans could access her story, achievements and activities.  

That’s when the ServiceRocket team stepped in. They sat down with Sika to better understand her story, spirit and purpose. With the launch of SikaHenry.com, that mission was accomplished.

“Racing Toward a Future of Equity in Sports” encapsulates Sika’s reason for running.

Telling Sika’s Story on Camera
Sika’s story as an accomplished triathlete who triumphed over significant odds inspired ServiceRocket’s CEO, Rob Castaneda. Himself an amateur triathlete, he noted that “our work with Sika will continue to grow and will start to drive like-minded Rocketeers to our company.” (In the first quarter of 2022 alone, ServiceRocket onboarded 36 new Rocketeers and ten new interns.)

Rob’s conviction inspired the company to sponsor a short film about Sika, produced by filmmaker Caleb Henry, as part of African American History month.

“Rocketeers played a part in making this happen,” noted Rob. “We’re proud ServiceRocket was able to help bring this story to life.”

Go Sika!

Sika’s Mission: To Inspire Others
Overcoming a horrific accident in 2019, Sika later won the Challenge Cancun; her pro-triathlete career was launched! But it’s never been just about winning. As Sika told Under the Dome, she’s equally pumped to inspire others.

“I’m an analyst, sister, daughter—a person who is passionate about diversity and representation. Those things mean as much to me as doing another race.”

When she decided to mentor three young women who were looking to start their own triathlon club in early 2022, ServiceRocket joined Varlo in supporting their efforts.

The Naugatuck Triathlon Team was born, and thanks to Sika, its trio of triathletes are well on their way.

A Mutual Goal of Wellness
Much like Sika, Rocketeers are focused on wellness. ServiceRocket supports their efforts with our Rocketeer Wellness Allowance; many Rocketeers avidly share their wellness goals in our Workplace Wellness Group.

At a recent company-wide meeting, Sika answered Rocketeers' questions on the topic. She brought humility and common sense to wellness, admitting that, much like anyone, she sometimes struggles with multitasking, juggling too much and wanting everything immediately.

Sika’s grace, wisdom and perseverance fuel us to keep going. We can’t wait to see what she does in 2022 and her continuing as our brand ambassador in 2022-23.

Sika Henry sets a high bar for achievement. As brand ambassador, she inspires Rocketeers to reach higher. ServiceRocket supports their efforts by being the single most reliable partner in the acceleration of their growth. Join us.

A record that inspires others.

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