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Leadership Behaviors that Enable Us to Ride the Wave

The month of June marks the start of summer above the equator, a season of weddings, barbeques and trips to the beach. June is also when we conduct our Values and Leadership Behaviors Assessment at ServiceRocket.

Every Rocketeer completes this annual survey—not just managers.

“I think a lot of folks confuse manager with leader,” says ServiceRocket CEO Rob Castaneda. “Manager means you manage others. Leadership is for everybody.”

In other words, everyone is a leader at ServiceRocket.

That’s where our Leadership Behaviors come in. They guide our decisions and support our ability to scale how we lead and grow in a consistent manner.

Derived from the Leadership Circle program, these ten behaviors inform how we treat our fellow Rocketeers, our customers and partners.

Each one is symbolized by a unique icon.  

These pretty icons don’t just sit on a shelf—Rocketeers regularly add them (as well as our values icons) to the hundreds of kudos awarded each other throughout the year, in recognition of their amazing #GotYourBack work ethic.

An exemplary kudo

As shown above, kudos demonstrate how we share our Leadership Behaviors every day.

But that virtuous cycle doesn’t end there.

As part of our Kiva Card Recognition program, kudos give Rocketeers the opportunity to be rewarded a Kiva Card that helps support entrepreneurs around the world.

Additionally, Rocketeers are encouraged to highlight a Leadership Behavior at the start of meetings. It’s an effective way to help bridge the distance between Rocketeers, near or far, with values that unite us as leaders.

Among our ten Leadership Behaviors is Deliberate & Decisive.

As with all our Leadership Behaviors, Decisive and Deliberate comes with  directives that enable Rocketeers to emulate it:

  • Directly addresses issues that get in the way of team performance
  • Makes tough decisions when required with respect
  • Plans PTO effectively to avoid burnout and recharge

These actions underline one of ServiceRocket’s five core values (#ThinkTeam); they also prioritize our culture of wellness.

Their ultimate goal is to encourage Rocketeers to act with authority.

“It’s easy to go in circles to try and make things perfect or go into fact-finding mode and get stuck there. By the time you’re done, the opportunity has passed,” notes Rob.

Surfing, he adds, is a great analogy for Decisive and Deliberate. “The waves come along and you make decisive and deliberate decisions. If you over analyze every wave, you end up surfing a lot less or not at all.”

Deliberate and Decisive in action

If you never rode a wave, Graham Betchart offers a different analogy:  

ServiceRocket’s Mental Performance Coach and coach to professional sports teams encourages Rocketeers to stay present and mindful.

“Your energy and focus will attract more energy and, in turn, the next opportunity,” notes Graham. “When that opportunity comes your way, you’ll be ready for it. Run the route and stay in the game.”

Present and mindful—two behaviors that Rocketeers use every day to be deliberate and decisive. They can also be useful if you’re getting married, surfing or both.

There goes the $2000 wedding dress...

Learn more about leadership at ServiceRocket—check out Rob’s Leadership Behavior Substack. If you’re interested in being part of a company that empowers Rocketeer leadership, check out our job openings. Join us.

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