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Happy 20th Anniversary, ServiceRocket!

Does your company have a logo? Chances are it does.

A logo, after all, is practically a business requirement. They can be brilliant, superfluous, or downright baffling.

As we celebrate our twentieth anniversary, the ServiceRocket logo (a rocket in flight and climbing) continues to capture our core mission:

To be the single most reliable partner in the acceleration of growth
for our customers, partners and Rocketeers.

Yet the rocket wasn’t there at the start. Before ServiceRocket, there was CustomWare.

Our origin story
Back in 2001 our focus was straightforward: provide training services to enterprises on behalf of technology vendors. We were a scrappy Australian team, focused on the Asia Pacific region. That was our sweet spot. That year our Sydney office opened for business.

In 2003, we were introduced to Atlassian and began servicing customers using their tools. We even built out an Atlassian training program. It was an exciting achievement!

The world quickly came calling.

Our offerings expanded to include implementation services for customers like Johnson & Johnson and Sony. We learned, grew and enabled our customers to do the same—by offering self-service software adoption services.

Where the Rocket comes in
As our reach went global, we opened a small office in Singapore and then a larger shop in Kuala Lumpur in 2005. In 2009, we jumped across the Pacific to open our first North American office in Palo Alto. A year later we acquired a learning platform and transformed our services company into a solutions provider. Our office in Santiago, Chile opened in 2013. We ramped up. We took off. Fittingly, our name changed to ServiceRocket.

As we took up shop across continents, we painted the Rocket in every office. This video documents the process in Santiago.

Many of these Rocketeers are still on the job.

Our Rocket unites and inspires us
The Rocket also spawned a deeper quest that’s at the heart of our mission: to deliver on the promise we made to each other and to our customers. That promise?

We’ve got your back

As Rocketeers, we live that promise every day. Our commitment to the growth of our partners, customers, and Rocketeers is the engine of our Rocket. It fuels us to go ever higher as we celebrate our 20th year.

Two decades on, we're climbing higher.

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