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Why We’re in it for the Long Run at ServiceRocket

Rocketeers are in motion.

Whether it’s running the Palo Alto hills, spotting koalas on walks outside Sydney, cycling from London to Brighton, or hiking the Gunung Tahan (Malaysia’s most difficult summit), we’re active.

Equally fun is sharing our exploits in Workplace in our Wellness group. That lifts our sense of accomplishment and well being. It strengthens our Rocketeer community. Being in motion also connects to a larger realization:

When people put a cause in motion, it generates momentum and greater purpose.

That’s why Sika Henry first caught our eye.
As the first African American woman to become a professional triathlete, Sika Henry is inspired by a higher purpose: create greater equity in sports.

As ServiceRocket’s first brand ambassador, we’re proud to support Sika’s purpose and spread her message, which is why we helped design Sika's new website. Go Sika!

We’re inspired by Jon Franko and Matthew Porter.
These two runners, both who have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, recently set an audacious goal: run 100 miles from the St. Louis area to Jefferson City as part of the Show-Me 100 for Multiple Sclerosis.  

Along with many others, ServiceRocket’s contribution enabled Jon and Matthew to exceed their goal of raising $100K for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Their purpose set their cause in motion:

We still have the gift of running. And [we run] because our public officials need to see how committed we are, how much we all fight for every single step and what MS can look like.

We’re adding momentum to friends who cycle.
This spring, we’re supporting Rocketeer Jeff Lipschultz, Senior Director, Talent Acquisition. His cycling team will ride the MS150 Ride in Texas, a course they’ve done for 13 years and raised nearly a quarter million dollars for MS research. Jeff is inspired to ride again with longtime friends:

Over the years, Martha, our team’s matriarch, has received MS drug therapy. These experimental trials enabled her to keep working as VP of sales while raising three children. It also kept Martha out of a wheelchair.

Why does a tech-enabled services company choose to sponsor these efforts?

It turns out that running a great business also requires a higher purpose.

At ServiceRocket, that purpose revolves around individual and collective growth, including the growth and development of each Rocketeer and every customer:  

We aim to be the most reliable partner in the acceleration of their growth.

Rather than a race to win (and end), we see our purpose as an infinite game, where our goal is to invite more people to play.

Twenty years on, we remain committed to keep on moving, with purpose.

As a Rocketeer, our inclusive and diverse global team has your back every day. We collaborate across five continents to delight each other and our global customers. This is a great place to start your career and evolve your personal growth. Enjoy extensive benefits that foster well being for you and your family. Grow financially as you grow your life! Join us.

Life is not a race.

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