Accelerated Adoption Program
for Workplace by Facebook

Moderate X Influencer

Elevate will offer Workplace customers access to ServiceRocket’s proprietary Moderate app alongside Talk Social to Me’s consulting services for critical use cases in compliance management, spontaneous conversation trends, and influencer coaching. This program is designed for companies that require keyword alerting, tighter governance, and behavioral guidance in their communication and collaboration efforts.


One-year license of ServiceRocket’s custom Workplace “Moderate” add-on that mines conversations for custom keywords and high-velocity conversations

Consulting Services

Consulting services and coaching for key leaders on appropriate response behaviors and community management practices for conversations highlighted by the add-on.

Creating Business

ServiceRocket is a leading provider of Workplace by Facebook apps, bots and automations. Learn more about other Workplace offerings.


Organizations that get the most out of Workplace by Facebook combine the use of apps and bots alongside community management and leadership coaching.

ServiceRocket and Talk Social to Me partner to bring Workplace customers an accelerated adoption program that combines custom-built Workplace apps and complete user adoption consulting to drive rapid employee engagement and business value.

Elevate is the right blend of technology and response guidance that provides solid guardrails for Workplace customers.

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